Software Lineup

Combining DKK’s own software with cameras allows our company to offer systems that fully meet customer needs.

DK-iCam(camera control monitoring equipment)

iCam (camera control equipment) is a dedicated server for camera operability.

A map and camera direction can be displayed on the operation screen to enable early detection of objects being monitored while viewing the map. iCam is able to monitor a preprogrammed route, which allows 24-hour monitoring of a wide scope along a monitoring route that has been freely incorporated at the operator’s discretion. It is also equipped with preset functions, so the camera can easily be pointed in the direction of set monitoring sites. Not only does it feature operability, but it is also equipped with AI learning that utilizes deep learning. It has expansion capability enabling monitoring of objects such as people, ships, and wildlife. Plus, it has functions that include alarm notifications and automatic recording.

DK-dCam(comprehensive monitoring equipment)

dCam (comprehensive monitoring equipment) is a server that enables video from multiple cameras to be viewed on the same screen. It records video from cameras throughout the year and is able to collect statistics on temperature.

Footage taken by the camera throughout the year can be viewed as time-lapse video, and temperature anomalies are recorded as alarm videos when detected. The temperature information sent from the DK-iCam can be displayed within the server as a graph or list, and that information can be externally exported to an Excel or CSV file. If there is an internet environment, notification of unusual conditions can be sent by email to various mobile terminals. (A separate internet contract is required.)