DKK Advantages

DKK supplies a wide variety of products in the telecommunications and induction heating fields. We present here some of the features of our company.

Supporting all frequencies

DKK’s most important characteristic is that we have the technical capabilities to support the entire frequency band of radio frequencies.

Currently our main bandwidth is the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band which is used in mobile communications(communications using cellular phones), digital broadcasting, and other applications. Nevertheless, DKK can support the entire frequency bandwidth, from Very Low Frequency using large antennas to Extremely High Frequency.

While going forward with new research and development activities, DKK will continue its efforts to develop new demand areas across the induction heating band.

A complete system, from antennas to steel towers, construction and maintenance services

A unique feature of DKK is that it has the capability to provide a complete service for telecommunication facilities and equipment, from designing to manufacturing and construction, as well as maintenance services for such facilities and equipment. Our customers put their trust in DKK for its one-stop shop services of the highest quality.

Customized products that meet the various needs of our customers

The characteristic of high-frequency induction heating is its cleanliness and high efficiency .To meet every needs of customers, DKK develops, designs, and manufactures each and every product on a tailor-made basis. Our equipment can be integrated into any production line.

Based on a firm foundation of sophisticated technology, DKK will continue to provide high-quality products in response to customer requirements.