Progress of DKK

The story of DKK’s progress goes back to Nihon Musen Denshin KK (The Japan Wireless Telegraph Company, subsequently the Kokusai Denki Tsushin KK, The International Telecommunications Company), which was founded as a so-called national policy company in 1925. Nihon Musen Denshin KK was founded to reinforce the telecommunications facilities to communicate with foreign countries, which was a request of the times. The Yosami Radio Transmitting Station was opened in Yosami, Hekikai-gun, Aichi-Ken (Takasu-cho, Kariya-shi in Aichi-Ken at the present) shortly after Nihon Musen Denshin KK has started its operation. The full-scale operation started in 1929 and The Yosami Radio Transmitting Station has kept its operation over 70 years until it was shut down in 1993.

With the dissolution of the Kokusai Denki Tsushin KK after the World War II, DKK was established in June 1, 1950 as a second company of the Kokusai Denki Tsushin KK.

Building on a firm foundation of technical expertise inherited from the Kokusai Denki Tsushin KK, DKK has focused on design, construction, and renovation of telecommunications and broadcasting facilities while enhancing its technology and investing in equipment. In the meantime, DKK has steadily expanded its business. DKK provides products related to telecommunications equipments such as various kinds of antennas, steel towers, flat-pannel reflectors used for Microwave communications, transmission equipment shelters, extendable poles, and other products.

Moreover, DKK advanced into the manufacture of hardening machine and applied high-frequency equipment as well as contract hardening services, both using High-Frequency Energy, as a part of business expansion. DKK has acquired a great deal of experience and track record in this business area, aggressively expanding into foreign markets.

Since its establishment, the achievements of DKK have been widely recognized for its highly professional services, both in the fields of telecommunications and High-frequency industries.

History of DKK technology