Usage Scenarios

Whether it is a cellular phone conversation, the Internet, television, or radio, you must have an antenna. DKK makes antennas and installs the steel towers that support antennas. Telecommunications is something we cannot do without in our daily lives, and DKK builds the environment that facilitates telecommunications. The following is an example of what we do.

Cellular Phone Equipment

A base station, such as the picture to the right, is necessary to connect cellular phones. DKK supports the cellular phone network through the manufacture of these base stations.

The system connecting cellular phones

  1. Individual placing a telephone call sends a radio wave to the nearest base station.
  2. The radio wave received by the base station is transmitted to the fixed telephone networks of a telephone exchange.
  3. Using the fixed telephone networks of the telephone exchange, the signal is sent to the base station which is nearest to the other party in the telephone conversation.
  4. The radio wave which is transmitted from the base station is connected to the cellular phone of the other party in the telephone conversation.

Broadcast Related Equipment

Television broadcasting uses a variety of DKK equipment. Technology which was developed during the analog broadcasting era is useful even in the current digital terrestrial broadcasting era.

Television broadcasting facility/transmitting station (master station)

Broadcasting radio waves which are received from television broadcasting stations are transmitted over a wide area. These signals can cover a wide area when they are transmitted from elevated locations.

Transmitting station (relay station)

Radio waves are received from the master station and transmitted so as to reach suburban and intermountain areas where it is difficult to receive signals from the master station. They are transmitted via multiple relay stations to areas difficult to reach with a single relay.

Satellite Related Equipment

Satellite communications serve an essential role as a backup for the terrestrial radio systems which are used for public service radio, and satellite communications are used for communications during disasters and for communications with outlying islands.

Starting with parabolic antennas manufactured by DKK, we are involved in all aspects of antennas for satellite communications, from design and fabrication, to the construction and installation of satellite communications facilities.

Radio Clocks

Radio clocks automatically keep the time by receiving radio waves containing time data (standard radio waves) from the radio wave transmission stations for frequency and time standard. DKK installs and provides maintenance services for transmission equipment used at these transmission stations for radio clock synchronization.