DKK’s Approach to Sustainability

Positioning of the Basic Policy on Sustainability

Our Basic Policy on Sustainability has the second highest level priority in terms of company policies, below only our Management Philosophy.

DKK’S “Basic Policy on Sustainability” has been formulated as our policy for contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through our corporate activities and our responsibilities to society and stakeholders, and our corporate activities are carried out based on this policy.

Basic Policy on Sustainability

We at the DKK Group aim to realize a sustainable society and increase our corporate value over the medium to long term, in accordance with our Management Philosophy of contributing to society and achieving development and growth.

We are committed to becoming “a company that is pioneering the future” in order to create new value and realize comfortable lifestyles and a sustainable society, and engage in fair corporate activities to contribute to society and achieve further growth for the Group. In addition to those efforts, we fulfill our social responsibility to the international community by respecting human rights and individuality, and being actively involved in social development and environmental efforts, under proper corporate governance with emphasis placed on communication with our stakeholders.

Basic Policy on ESG

The DKK Group aims, in this era of rapid change that lies before us, to enhance its corporate value over the medium to long term through active involvement in social contribution to “social infrastructure, improvement of people’s lives, and development of society” in its business activities.

  • Environment: We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing products and services that are environmentally conscious.
  • Society: We contribute to solving various issues faced by local communities and society at large by providing infrastructure maintenance and products related to disaster prevention.
  • Governance: We will enhance the social credibility of the company and improve its corporate value by ensuring transparency and soundness in our management practices.