Materiality of the DKK Group

DKK has established a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the results of our materiality initiatives. By steadily promoting these initiatives, we aim to contribute to the sustainable growth of society while maintaining and further enhancing our corporate value.

MaterialityPriority InitiativesSDGs
Workplace Culture and Work Style Reforms・Respect for employees’ human rights (including partner companies)
・Eradicating harassment
・Securing diverse human capital and promoting the participation of women
・Increasing productivity through DX (digital transformation)
Strengthening Corporate Governance・Compliance-oriented management
・Promoting communication with stakeholders
・Ensuring transparency of management
・Strengthening information security
Contribution to the Development of Social Infrastructure・Building stronger information infrastructure
・Ensuring safety through promotion of disaster prevention efforts
・Improving safety in a car-oriented society
・Ensuring safety and quality
Promotion of Environmental Management・Promotion of carbon neutrality
・Promotion of a recycling-oriented society
・Expansion of environmental products
Creation of New Business・New applications for wireless and high-frequency technologies
・Expansion into the service field

SGD Goal 17, “Partnerships for the Goals”, is the most important factor in achieving the SDGs and is applicable to all materialities.

Materiality of the DKK Group & KPIs

Workplace Culture and Work Style Reforms

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Contribution to the Development of Social Infrastructure

Promotion of Environmental Management

Creation of New Business