Kawagoe Office

The Kawagoe Office takes care of the construction, renovation, and maintenance of mobile communications base stations, television broadcasting steel towers, and other telecommunications facilities and equipment. Kawagoe’s experience in these areas extends from Japan to Southeast Asia and Africa. DKK is well known for the quality and safety of its construction activities. In today’s information age, any cut off in the flow of information can have enormous ramifications. Our customers rely on the DKK organization to provide the support they need for urgently needed maintenance in times of emergency.

Description of Activities

Engineering, steel tower construction, antenna construction in the design, management, construction, renovation, and maintenance of telecommunications facilities and equipment


  • International Quality System Certification
    ISO9001 (certificate number JQA-1603)


1-1-1 Nishi Tsurugaoka, Fujimino-shi, Saitama 356-0044
TEL: +81-49-261-1511 (Main) FAX: +81-049-261-5582


From Kami-Fukuoka Station, Tobu-Tojo Line
5 minutes by taxi or 15 minutes on foot