Shareholder Returns

Unit: Yen

Fiscal Year 2020Fiscal Year 2021Fiscal Year 2022Fiscal Year 2023Fiscal Year 2024(forecast)
Dividend per share (annual)4545606060
Interim dividends0003030
Year-end dividends4545603030

Dividend receipt methods

Receipt by bank transfer

This is a safer and faster method of receiving funds, as the funds will be transferred directly to the bank account designated by the shareholder (including Japan Post Bank accounts). No remittance fees or other costs borne by the shareholder.

Receipt by year-end dividend receipt

Shareholders have the option of receiving dividends via a “year-end dividend receipt” sent by the Company at any bank that handles dividend payments (Japan Post Bank head office, branch or sub-branch, or post office). Please note that the time limit for receiving payment at these banks is approximately one month.

In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, dividends cannot be paid to shareholders after three years from the payment start date, so please receive your dividends as soon as possible.