The Dawn of the Information Age



  • Start of construction and maintenance and operation services of high power very low frequency (VLF) transmitting equipment
  • Building of the Shiga Plant (currently leased to Denko Techno Heat Co., Ltd.), and expansion of high-frequency induction heating services
  • Start of mobile telephone base station antenna manufacturing
Very low-frequency antennas
Multi-media tower


  • Start of sales of electron shower apparatus
  • Technical cooperation with Germany’s ALFING and start of sales of follower crankshaft hardening equipment
Electron shower apparatus
Follower crankshaft hardening equipment


  • Beginning of PHS base station antenna manufacturing
  • Opening of the Tokai Techno Service Center to expand IH Heat-Treatment Processing services. (The Tokai Techno Service Center is currently leased to the Kariya Plant of Denko Techno Heat Co., Ltd.)
  • Start of sales of the thin slab induction heating system
PHS base station antennas
217 m-tall television broadcasting relay steel tower
Thin slab induction heating system


  • Closure of the Yosami Radio Transmitting Station, ending 70 years of service
  • The Kawagoe Office and the Kawagoe, Kanuma, and Atsugi plants all receive ISO-9000s certification (quality control system)
Callular phone base station
Mobile telecommunications steel tower
Digital terrestrial broadcasting antenna


  • Contract for construction of joint testing digital terrestrial broadcasting antenna for seven areas in Japan
250 m-high Low Frequency standard time and frequency transmission station steel tower
Digital terrestrial broadcasting experimental apparatus installed on Tokyo Tower