About DKK

What kind of business does DKK do?

DKK carries out its business centered on two divisions: Telecommunication and Induction Heating. The Telecommunication Division provides total solutions for a wide range of telecommunication facilities, including mobile phone base station antennas and terrestrial digital broadcasting antennas, from design to manufacture and facility construction. The Induction Heating Division develops, designs, and manufactures equipment using high-frequency induction heating to increase the strength and wear resistance of parts used mainly in automobiles, construction machinery, and machine tools. We also offer contracted processing services, where we receive parts from parts companies and process them with heat treating in our own facilities. Please see the “Business Information” page to learn more.

When was DKK founded?

n 1925, Japan Wireless Telegraph Company (later to become International Telecommunications Company), the predecessor to today’s DKK, was founded. This was a government-controlled company established to improve radio communication with overseas countries, which was the demand of the time. Following the end of World War II, International Telecommunications Company was dissolved. Then, in 1950, DKK Co., Ltd. was formed as a secondary corporation in the wake of the dissolution. For more information on the history of DKK, please see the “History” section of our Corporate Data page.

Financial Matters

When is the end of your fiscal year?

March 31.

What is your latest financial information?

Our financial results can be seen here. Please see our IR materials for other materials relating to our financial information.

Stock-Related Matters

What stock exchange is DKK listed on?

DKK is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

When was DKK listed?


What is DKK’s securities code?

6706. DKK is classified in the Electric Appliances category.

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