At the Establishment of DKK



  • Establishment of DKK Co., Ltd. : June 1
  • Established as a second company of national policy firm Kokusai Denki Tsushin KK (the International Telecommunications Co., Ltd.) with capital of ¥50 million. Takes over the Yosami Radio Transmitting Station
  • Receives order for the Medium Frequency transmitting antennas for the first civil radio broadcasting


  • Start of manufacturing of applied high-frequency equipment and provision of high-frequency heat treating services
  • First Contract for heat treatment of maintenance parts for construction equipment
  • Opening of the Yosami sub-branch office and leasing of transmitting facilities to the Defense Facilities Administration Agency


  • Establishment of the Hokkaido sub-branch office (currently the Hokkaido branch)

〔Start of television broadcasting in the Tokyo area〕

Main building of the Yosami Radio Transmitting Station