Workplace Culture and Work Style Reforms

DKK believes, in order to realize our vision of becoming “a company that is pioneering the future” and to achieve sustainable growth, that it is necessary to continue to invest in human resources and create work environments where all employees can work with confidence and enthusiasm.
Through the promotion of work style reforms, we will focus on creating an open work environment where all employees can maximize their abilities in a culture of mutual respect.

Workplace Culture and Work Style Reforms & KPIs

*Continuous targets for each year if no specific target fiscal year is indicated

Priority InitiativesSpecific InitiativesKPIs/Mid- and Long-Term Goals*
Respect for employees’ human rights (including partner companies)・Conducting human rights training to raise awareness of and respect for human rightsHuman rights training participation rate: 100%
Eradicating harassment・Raising awareness to eradicate harassmentHarassment training participation rate: 100%
Securing diverse human capital and promoting the participation of women・Development of systems to promote diversity and inclusionRatio of women in management positions: 10% or more (FY 2026)
Certified with Eruboshi (FY2026)
Employment rate of persons with disabilities: In accordance with legal mandates
Establish employment system for workers up to age 70 (FY 2024)
Increasing productivity through DX (digital transformation)・Improving productivity through digitalization of operations and smart factoriesReduction in annual average total hours worked:
1,800-1,899 hours (FY 2024)
less than 1,800 hours (FY 2030)

The following colors are used for the color-coding of KPIs/mid- and long-term goals

…DKK only …Including DKK domestic group companies …DKK group companies (including international companies)

Actual data and progress

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