Wireless Equipment

This equipment wirelessly communicates with mobile devices (terminals) such as smartphones and transmits and receives radio waves. Using our company’s high-frequency circuit design technology and digital communications technology, we offer different types of 5G compatible wireless equipment capable of building high-quality mobile communications networks at a low cost.

O-RU (O-RAN Radio Unit)

Based on the O-RAN Fronthaul specifications, this wireless equipment is compact, lightweight, and features low power consumption. Conforming to O-RAN specifications makes it possible for MNO to combine equipment from multiple vendors to build a flexible wireless access network. DKK offers O-RU for macrocells and small cells.


  • O-RAN:Interface specifications established by the O-RAN Alliance to achieve an open wireless access network
  • MNO:Mobile network operator

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A system that expands a communications area by changing radio waves emitted from a base station into optical signals and distributing them. DKK offers DAS compatible with 4G/5G and operator sharing. Our company also secures transmission capacity by supporting MIMO.


  • MIMO:Technology that uses multiple transmission and receiving antennas to boost transmission capacity