The three characteristics of 5G are said to be “large capacity and high-speed,” “ultra-low latency,” and “simultaneous multi-connections.” In addition to these 3 characteristics of 5G, local 5G possesses stability (not affected by the surrounding environment), safety (highly secure), and flexibility (individual optimization possible). We offer all systems necessary for local 5G in a one-stop service.

5G Sub-6 GHz antennas

DKK has developed a range of antennas. Optimal areas can be constructed with no blind zones. We offer antennas that meet customer needs.


In a wireless device that relays radio waves, a repeater amplifies the radio signals emitted from a 5G base station to expand the service area. Installation is easy since it operates simply by connecting to a power source. GPS signals, etc. are not necessary, and it can be used either indoors or outdoors. It also has the low-latency character that 5G requires. DKK offers Sub-6 GHz and 28 GHz repeaters. Sub-6 GHz offers open-ended antenna choices, while 28 GHz is compatible with beamforming (antenna integration), so flexible area formation is possible.

Metamaterial reflector panels (28 GHz)

Utilizing metamaterial reflector panels allows beams to be reflected in a desired direction. Since no power source or transmission lines are required, the cost of installing a base station can be reduced. In addition, the panels are thin (1 mm thick or less) and lightweight, so they can be hidden behind wallpaper or a poster.