Smaller Size Antennas

As mobile communications has increased in speed and capacity, a variety of small antennas are used to maintain communications bandwidth and to cover areas that are hard to reach with radio waves.

Smaller Size Antennas

Lightweight and small base station antennas support wireless communications in intermountain areas, building shadows, and other areas not readily accessible to radio waves.

Indoor Antennas

With these antennas, the communications area can be maintained in underground shopping malls, in buildings, and other locations that are not easily penetrated with radio waves. These antennas harmonize with their surroundings while functioning as antennas.

Transportable Antennas

These antennas can be set up to serve as temporary base stations to handle sudden spikes in wireless communications traffic during special events. These antennas are small, light and easily transportable, and they can also be used to maintain the communications network during emergencies.