Creation of New Business

DKK makes use of its accumulated experience and technologies to create new businesses. In creating new businesses, we effectively utilize R&D, capital investment, and M&A to heighten our business performance by actively cultivating demand through business model innovation.

Creation of New Business & KPIs

*Continuous targets for each year if no specific target fiscal year is indicated

Priority InitiativesSpecific InitiativesKPIs/Mid- and Long-Term Goals*
New Applications for Wireless and High-Frequency Technologies・Participation in academic societies, research groups, and other organizations to create new markets and new product candidates
・Building a system for collecting and sharing ideas that lead to new businesses
・Hiring of new personnel for new business development
Increase the number of joint developments, joint ventures, and M&As:
・5 or more new projects per year (FY 2025)
・Total of 5 or more actualized projects (FY 2030)
Expansion into the Service Field・Incorporation into applications that can be launched in service businesses
・Construction of an organizational structure for service businesses
・Acceleration of service development through collaboration with other companies

The following colors are used for the color-coding of KPIs/mid- and long-term goals

…DKK only …Including DKK domestic group companies …DKK group companies (including international companies)

Actual data and progress

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