Contribution to the Development of Social Infrastructure

DKK has proudly played a role in the realization of more convenient living environments through the development of social infrastructure since our founding, including the development of communication and broadcasting networks and the improvement of safety in the automotive industry.
The Telecommunication Division provides products and services based on the most important idea of creating networks with stable connections that are secure and reliable at all times, and works to build stronger infrastructure facilities and information infrastructure to contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation.
The Induction Heating Division contributes to ensuring safety in a car-oriented society, and will continue to contribute to improving the durability of automobiles and other vehicles even after the transition to EVs becomes more complete.

Contribution to the Development of Social Infrastructure & KPIs

*Continuous targets for each year if no specific target fiscal year is indicated

Priority InitiativesSpecific InitiativesKPIs/Mid- and Long-Term Goals*
Building stronger information infrastructure・Promote defense products.
・Apply new technologies and construction methods to get orders for infrastructure maintenance services.
Net sales from projects for communication equipment, reinforcing disaster-prevention functions, and induction heating equipment for safety device systems: 35% or higher vs. FY2023 (FY2026)
Ensuring safety through promotion of disaster prevention efforts・Update disaster prevention system to enhance the system of disaster preparedness information provision
・Promoting the provision of information cameras, water level gauges, and other DKK systems to strengthen disaster preparedness functions
Improving safety in a car-oriented society・Expansion of sales of induction heating equipment for automotive safety system parts
Ensuring safety and quality・Technical improvement of construction quality
・Assessment of quality and safety risks and implementation of mitigation activities
Percentage of DKK engineers holding national certifications in relation to applications for business evaluation
70% or more (FY 2025)
Conversion of company vehicles to ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicles): 100% (FY 2030)

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Actual data and progress

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