DKK has an array of poles used to lift up apparatus such as antennas to high places, including spring-loaded telescoping masts and ready-to-assemble support poles.

Spring-loaded telescoping masts

Spring-loaded telescoping masts use springs to extend and retract. Since they are particularly good at retracting, they demonstrate stability when extending and retracting in cold regions. The lineup can handle load weights of 4 kg to 25 kg. Feel free to make inquiries. (Image shown is for vehicle installation.)

Ready-to-assemble support poles

The ready-to-assemble support poles can be broken down into small, lightweight component parts for transport. They can also be used to establish temporary base stations during disasters and emergencies since setup is achieved in a short amount of time. The support poles can lift loads to heights up to 15 m, and the height of individual support poles is adjustable. Mounting brackets adapted to loads are also available. Feel free to make inquiries.