High-Altitude Monitoring Cameras

A monitoring camera system using optical and HD thermal cameras is set up at high altitude (top of steel towers) for comprehensive wide-area surveillance.

High-Altitude Monitoring Cameras

Day-and-night surveillance of wide areas using a 360-degree endless swivel twin-lens camera with optical and thermal cameras

Monitoring cameras are set up at high altitudes to look out over municipal areas and provide comprehensive, 24-hour monitoring over a wide area.

When large-scale natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, or tsunami occur, the system transmits damage conditions in real time. This allows the disaster response headquarters to check conditions, and quickly and accurately provide evacuation guidance to residents.

*In areas with complex terrain, multiple cameras can be installed to eliminate blind spots.

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Other Usage Examples: Tsunami Monitoring Cameras

High-altitude monitoring cameras can be used for a wide variety of applications.

In the town of Oirase in Aomori Prefecture, they are being used as tsunami monitoring cameras, providing monitoring of the ocean 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and security of the town’s residents. Remote monitoring at the town office roughly 5km away is made possible thanks to DKK’s 5GHz band wireless LAN network.