Disaster Prevention Information Network Systems

Disaster prevention information network systems provided by DKK are being used to protect the safety and security of people’s lives.

Local Information Network Systems

Various measures are taken to create a safe and secure city that is resilient to disasters, and DKK can help you “utilize wireless technology to create a city that can withstand disasters”.

We offer a wide range of products, including 5GHz band wireless access systems that function as disaster prevention information networks, IP cameras that monitor disaster conditions in areas such as rivers and cliffs, and backup power supply systems to ensure stable system operation even during power outages.

IP Announcement Broadcasting Systems

These systems provide emergency broadcasts from disaster prevention headquarters set up in city halls or other government offices in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

Emergency broadcasts are sent to outdoor speakers as well as to the in-house broadcasting systems of public facilities that are set up as evacuation centers.

Backup Power Systems

We provide backup power systems to ensure reliable operation of local information network systems even during power outages when commercial power is not available.