DKK carries out maintenance for various steel transmission towers. We meet customer demands by using systems that utilize high-sensitivity cameras and systems that inspect the insides of steel-pipe columns to assess deterioration.

Inspecting steel towers using high-sensitivity cameras

Our system can inspect the condition of steel material and bolts without climbing steel towers by using high-sensitivity cameras. Inspections can be safely conducted on the ground without engaging in extremely dangerous work at high elevations. They can be implemented by a small number of workers with little impact from poor weather, which means they are carried out relatively cheaply. Clear video filmed with high-sensitivity cameras can be used as recorded images to create reports with well-defined images.

Inspecting the interiors of steel pipes for deterioration

It is difficult to conduct deterioration diagnostics on the interiors of pipes in steel pipe towers and structures using steel pipes. The deterioration diagnostics system developed by DKK for inspecting the interiors of steel pipes can examine the insides of steel pipes for deterioration up to 70 m from the tip of the pipes. It can move through the interiors of steel pipes with a flange hole of up to 80 mm in diameter and take inspection footage after having passed through.

Not only does DKK carry out deterioration diagnostics on structures and steel towers with steel-pipe columns, which are structurally difficult to maintain, but after identifying deterioration sites, we handle maintenance that includes rustproofing.