Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) Hardening & Tempering Equipment

This machine can handle all types of CVJ (Constant Velocity Joint) workpieces, including typical pieces with short shafts (tri-port joints and ball joints) to pieces with longer shafts, internal splines, and shaftless workpieces. Additionally, heating can be performed at the same position of the groove and shaft portions to shorten the processing tact time.

What are Constant Velocity Joints?

Constant velocity joints (CV joints) are driveshaft parts used to transmit drive from an automobile engine to the wheels. CV joints facilitate the transmission of rotational force from the engine to the driveshaft and to the wheels with minimum loss, even when there are significant bends along the way. CV joints are widely used in front wheel drive vehicles, but they are used in rear wheel drive vehicles, as well, for their sound-damping properties.

Groove Portion Hardening

A high-precision phasing function makes it possible for tri-port joints to be hardened. Additionally, you can select from scanning or stationary single-shot hardening according to the hardening specifications.

Shaft Portion Hardening

Ensuring the hardening depth of the stepped portion of the shaft provides satisfactory hardening quality.