Digital Disaster Prevention & Administration Radio / Firefighting & Emergency Digital Radio

We provide a wide range of support for the development and installation of digital radio services for disaster prevention and administration as well as firefighting and emergency services, ranging from surveying and design to construction and maintenance.

Survey & Design Work

We provide services such as station installation survey and design using radio wave propagation simulators and experimental stations, as well as studies on the impacts on existing antennas (candelabra studies).

Antennas & Duplexers

We can provide customization according to the shape of the service area in ways such as securing the required areas and suppressing unnecessary areas.

Towers & Shelters

We offer a wide variety of standard towers (angle towers and steel-pipe masts) and shelters that are easy to assemble, easy to relocate, and highly resistant to earthquakes and corrosion.

Emergency Power Supply Units

We offer a wide range of power supply units with a proven track record of use in broadcasting and telecommunications facilities throughout the country.