Microwave Network Antennas

These are antennas for terrestrial-type microwave networks which are used in such public works as disaster prevention communications systems. DKK products are tailored according to the volume of information transmitted as well as the purpose of use.


Parabolic Antennas: Principal Specifications
Standard Parabolic AntennaParabolic antenna for 128 QAM
Opening diameter [mφ]1.2、1.8、2.0、2.4、3.0、3.3、4.02.0、3.0、4.0
Frequency band(1)6,570MHz〜6,870MHz
Plane of polarizationSingle polarization (horizontal or vertical polarization)
Dual polarization (horizontal and vertical polarization)
VSWRLess than 1.1
Cross polarization discrimination28 dB or higher
(on beam axis)
38 dB or higher
(on beam axis)
F/B65 dB or higher (110°-180°)
Wind resistance60 m/sec. or 90 m/sec.

* Please inquire if you have requirements different from those indicated above.

Please inquire about parabolic antennas for frequency bands other than those listed above.