Marine Beacons

DKK marine beacons can be entirely integrated with LED aircraft warning lights. They can automatically flash in synch simply by supplying a power source. Just as with aircraft warning lights, DKK will submit applications to various organizations.

Marine beacons

The marine beacons indicate the existence of objects established on water such as wind power farms to prevent collision with ships and protect the facilities. Facility lights must be installed at intervals not exceeding 3 nautical miles around structures, in the bends of groups of structures, and at other structures standing at key points.

DimensionsH264mm x W104mm x D92.5mm
Weight2.0 kg or less
Power sourceDC24V, (20~32V)
Power consumption2.5 W or less
Operating temperature limits-20℃~+55℃
Waterproof performanceIPx7
Wind resistance90m/s
Light component
Light sourceYellow high-brightness LED
Light characterSurrounding structures:2 flashes every 6 sec.
Light color2.5Y8/16 (Munsell value)
Effective intensity150cd (Not including 0.77 light loss factor)
Light source longevity100,000 hrs.
Visible distance rangeMin. visible distance 5 nautical miles
Main materials
Lens componentGlass
DKK Safety Light