Broadcasting Antennas, VHF, UHF

We offer a wide range of antennas for broadcasting facilities, including FM band and VHF/UHF band transmitting antennas that transmit TV and radio broadcast signals to homes, mobile terminals, and relay stations, as well as receiver antennas that receive transmitted signals.

We can also design and manufacture antennas optimized to your needs based on our many years of delivery and installation experience.

FM & VHF Transmission Antennas

The FM radio broadcasting antennas we offer include twin-loop, dipole, and Yagi antennas among the various types available for creating the desired area based on your needs.

UHF Transmission Antennas

We offer a wide range of broadband antennas for transmitting digital terrestrial signals, including twin-loop, dipole, and ring Yagi antennas, for creating the desired area based on your needs.

Receiver Antennas

We offer a wide variety of receiver antennas, including both standard and special FM, VHF, and UHF-band antennas. The photo on the right shows a planar antenna for rejecting UHF band interference, which is used as a countermeasure to eliminate interference on the same channel.

Emergency Antennas

For emergency response transmission in the case of disasters and emergencies, in addition to fixed antennas, we can also offer portable antennas that can be moved and assembled easily and have versatility of directivity.